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by Oct 12, 2016

Why Choose Dading, Marques & Associates?

When it comes to real estate investments and personal property, we understand the importance of choosing the right land surveying firm to offer accurate, timely and cost-effective results. Dading, Marques & Associates offers over 50 years of experience in land surveying with thousands of satisfied clients as a running track record of work.

We presently have five full-time survey crews who serve Lousiana, Mississipi & Alabama. Each member of our team is carefully vetted to fit into the exceptional Dading, Marques & Associates mold. The size of our company assures we have enough staff and resources to get to projects done in a timely manner, but we’re not so large that it feels like impersonal service.

Our number one goal is to offer clients the support they need to see their project to completion. We do this by offering a clear scope of work then providing a cost effective solution. Our staff offers transparency throughout the entire process while also helping guide the client in the direction they need to be going for the goal they want to accomplish.

Our firm uses the latest standards and technology to complete each project. Land surveying rules are constantly changing as with technology. You need a team like ours that knows all of the current information surrounding the project at hand.

We honor each project with the attention it is due because our team truly appreciates the opportunity to fill the important role of land surveyor for you. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our office via email or phone.

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