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Flood Elevation Certificate

At Dading, Marques & Associates, we have served thousands of clients seeking the necessary certification to obtain flood insurance. As land surveyors serving the Greater New Orleans area, we have a lot of experience serving customers seeking FEMA flood elevation certification and other flood elevation services.  Our experienced professionals are dedicated to helping homeowners and business owners obtain Elevation Certificates as quickly and painlessly as possible. Our Elevations Surveying Services Include:
  • Elevation Certificate/FEMA Flood Elevation Certification
  • Letter of Map Amendment
  • Establish a Site Elevation Benchmark for New Construction
  • Transfer Elevations for Reference Benchmarks
  • Aid in Flood Study Elevation and Cross Section Mapping
Why Do I Need Flood Elevation Certification? In order to comply with local building codes and bank financing requirements, FEMA Flood Certification is a necessity by law. We work with hundreds of clients each year to go through this process. If you are considering purchasing a home, camp, cottage or commercial project, it is necessary to get a FEMA Elevation Certificate for bank financing. When we conduct the Flood Elevation Certificate surveys, we measure the lowest or most flood-prone elevations of your property. The difference between the overall elevation of the structure and the Base Flood Elevation as determined by FEMA is how insurance companies calculate the cost of your flood insurance. Aside from purchasing, most projects in this area require Flood Elevation Certification as part of the permitting process. If you have specific questions about your property’s requirements, your local building authority and floodplain management office can give you the specific requirements for your area. Homeowners with Flood Insurance Seeking to Change Policies   More than 10 years after Katrina and the damage it did to property and homes in this area, FEMA Elevation Certificates are being lowered to the proper elevation in order to provide the proper amount of protection from future flooding.  However, there are also homeowners seeking to lower future premiums. For either purpose, the best way to lower future premiums is often with a current FEMA Elevation Certificate. This Certification helps the food insurance agent accurately assess the cost of your flood insurance policy. Have Questions?  At Dading, Marques & Associates we have collectively 50 years of experience in land surveying and issuing elevation certificates. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about this process by phone 504-834-0200 or email at eileen@dadingmarques.net.


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