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Property Surveys

At Dading, Marques, & Associates, our highly skilled professionals all are licensed to perform property  surveys services, including boundary plans, title research, field investigation, and road review.
It doesn’t matter whether your property is a small camp lot or large tracts of land, our staff are well-equipped to perform the services you need. We investigate and evaluate all of the factors influencing the location of boundaries before locating or relocating the grounds of boundaries for our clients.

Our clients often seek out property & boundary plans for these reasons:

  • Discover missing lot corners
  • When a homeowner seeks his/her property’s boundaries
  • To discover boundaries before undertaking a construction project or clearing trees
  • Determine encroachment over property lines
  • Settling disputes with neighbors regarding property lines

Dading, Marques & Associates Property Surveying Capabilities Also Include:

  • Expert Testimony
  • Monumentation
  • Mortgage Loan Inspection
  • Plan Preparation
  • Problem Resolution
  • Records Research
  • Verification of Acreage

Have Questions?

If you have any inquires about our land surveying services, feel free to contact us by phone 504-834-0200 or email at eileen@dadingmarques.net.


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